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Early this week the decrepit regime introduced the weird. They advised us the remainder of the civil service is to have 2,5 % of their remuneration docked in order that authorities can fund what it referred to as garrison retailers to allow solely our esteemed navy to entry inexpensive items and companies.
Overlook about the remainder of the civil service, the remainder of the nation even. For a regime that got here into workplace by way of a coup, it may solely be the gun that issues. The online result’s that our honored troopers are going to have particular retailers put aside for them to allow them to procure items and companies at inexpensive costs.
The cacophonous chorus now we have heard from the regime’s sympathisers is that what we noticed in November 2017 was not a coup.
Oh no!
They are saying it was a military-assisted transition, simply as a rapist would say with a straight face he and his acolytes didn’t gang-rape their sufferer. That it was merely an act of cohort-assisted intercourse!
Maybe one good flip ought to deserve one other. Now the troopers who assisted the transition at the moment are flip being assisted by the transition. Certainly, the garrison store idea is a solemn testomony that our cursed nation has morphed and graduated from a military-assisted transition to a transition-assisted navy!

Some have vehemently argued that the “transition” from Robert Mugabe to Emmerson Mnangagwa was a fluke; that there was no transition in any respect as we merely removed Mugabe however Mugabeism as a tradition and beliefs has firmly remained with us.
I encourage to vary. What we noticed in November 2017 was definitely a transition. Any motion from purgation to Hell is definitely a transition as would any leap from the frying pan into the raging fireplace!
Who mentioned a shift from dangerous to worse isn’t a transition?
By no means thoughts that Mugabe and Mnangagwa belong to the identical WhatsApp chat group. The latter has really proved to be the chat group admin!
I posit that the notion of garrison retailers supplies unadulterated proof that Mnangagwa is nothing with out the condign energy that birthed him. For him, it’s the navy or nothing else, just because his political conception within the sacred month of the goat in 2017 was a gunnified one.

The remainder of the Zimbabwean populace doesn’t matter to Mnangagwa. And so does the remainder of the civil service who’re being prejudiced of their meager earnings to fund this grand fraud. Mnangagwa has all the time arrogantly caught up the center finger to all of us. And maybe it’s now time to violently break that finger whereas savouring his contorted face with mirth and animation.
We the individuals and the remainder of the civil service will kind our personal garrison and we are going to see who will win this contest of astute brinkmanship. The academics, land officers, authorities clerks, nurses, docs, the villagers, the farmers and the remainder of the citizenry have created their very own garrison of the dared and the chastised.
The stranglehold by the navy on the nation’s physique politic has now been laid naked for all to see. The navy diction round us says all of it. Command agriculture, command wheat, command livestock and now garrison retailers. Music has not been spared. Bear in mind Jah Prayzah’s extremely militarized lyrics. Protector Plus might even fall inside this class of extremely securitized lingo, Very quickly we could possibly be having artillery tea, infantry shaving cream,battalion biscuits and gunpowder make-up for the women!

To my pricey brother George Charamba, do you now see why we mentioned we wanted the navy on the dialogue desk? They’ve proven they’re the final word stockholders. As they mentioned about Carl von Clausewitz’s Prussia: Whereas most States have a military, within the case of Prussia, the military had a State!
In Zimbabwe too, opposite to the identified notion of States having armies, the military has a State.
Now we have troopers in each civilian sphere: in election administration, within the media, within the judiciary, in parliament, in diplomacy, within the presidium and even within the divorce courts both as complainants or defendants!
By daring the entire nation and pampering solely the military, we will see who will blink first. I hope our patriotic troopers is not going to take the bait by permitting themselves to be plucked from the remainder of their struggling countrymen. In the event that they do, we is not going to mourn them when the hour reckoning comes.
However I do know for sure nearly all of our women and men in uniform is not going to fall for this tokenism that doesn’t handle all their considerations. In spite of everything, there are not any garrison faculties, garrison bars and there are definitely no garrison potatoes and garrison greens. Figuring out our male troopers and their inclination, most of them will probably be apprehensive stiff that the regime has failed to supply them with garrison purple gentle districts as effectively!
The truth is, they might have most well-liked purple gentle provinces even, as districts would fall far in need of being ample looking grounds!.
Our patriotic troopers will definitely not fall for this ruse because it doesn’t even start to handle their dire considerations.
It’s terrifyingly naïve for this illegitimate regime to be asking nearly all of our despondent civil service, with insufficient salaries themselves, to subsidize these peddlars and retailers of gunpowder. It is vitally very similar to an irresponsible matron in a maternity ward asking a pregnant lady to play midwife to a different pregnant woman within the subsequent mattress.
As they are saying, “kangoma karirisi ndiko kaparuki”. The darkest hour is earlier than daybreak and definitely one thing is about snap.
Quickly and really quickly it’s going to be the acquainted twabam throughout.
Properly, I relaxation my case. Lest I reveal an excessive amount of.
I hope the hapless scarf will survive the ordeal!

The author is the Deputy Nationwide Spokesperson of the MDC. He’s a a number of award profitable journalist and an ardent political scientist who received the E-book Prize for greatest scholar when he graduated with a Bachelor of Science diploma in Political Science on the College of Zimbabwe. You possibly can work together with him on Fb or on the twitter deal with @luke_tambo_

Author: Takudzwa Abioye

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