Laetitia Joyce Kazembe: This lady has been endorsing all disputed ZEC elections for 25 years | ZIM NEWS | RZP | LATEST ZIMBABWE NEWS TODAY 24 7

Copied: Meet and know@ZECzim  deputy chair, commissioner Laetitia Joyce Kazembe. She has been with the election physique because it was known as the Electoral Supervisory Fee. Joined within the 1995 elections, noticed and endorsed all disputed elections for 25 years, whats particular about her?

Above all, she is a spy. Very harmful lady. Even at Sapes she was spying. Very smug and harmful.

Mugabeism and the system consists of individuals. Naming them and what they do entreching the system is a begin. Congragulations. Maintain profiling them.

It’s as if the nation has no expertise. After two 5-year phrases, these individuals should be modified.We want transparency on this Physique.

The particular factor about her is that she set the tempo for Chigumba! She is the fist and brains behind Chigumba.

How will we progress if individuals hold jobs for 25 years? No succession to speak about. The youths stay jobless without end, whereas geriatrics die in workplace.

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Author: Takudzwa Abioye

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