Mzoe7 opens up on cosy trend outfits – RZP Zimbabwe

“I’m Lomwe, we’re brilliant, we’re joyful, and we love spreading love that’s the reason you all the time see me in brilliant colors. I by no means had a straightforward upbringing, however now I mild my current and future up with completely different colors,” he stated.

The singer stated he’s being dressed by Klobber Fusion as they perceive his trend style and all the time get him distinctive stuff.

“In my music movies I additionally make certain I carry out a special look all the time and award-nominated Puzzlemoment Footage has additionally helped me set up the Vogue Maradona trademark. They’ve captured the most effective moments in top quality and it will get loads of good suggestions,” he stated.

The singer is the final in a household of seven and that’s the place he drives his moniker Mzoe.

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Author: Takudzwa Abioye

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