Reform ought to begin from the highest

LAST week, the Grain Millers Affiliation of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) vice-chairperson Masimba Dzomba mentioned: “We’re left with one month’s provide of wheat within the nation. We’re speaking to the RBZ (Reserve Financial institution of Zimbabwe) in order that wheat caught in Mozambique will be delivered to millers. However in the intervening time, there aren’t any bread shortages as we nonetheless have one month’s provide.”

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Then, on the weekend President Emmerson Mnangagwa informed us: “I would like my legacy to be that of a reformer. Allow us to reform the best way we do issues, reform our economic system, reform our establishments, reform our mindsets and reform our laws. We should flip our backs to outdated methods and embrace new strategies.”

We hope that by juxtaposing these two utterances the purpose we want to make shall be higher understood.

On that be aware, we want to implore on the President to first work laborious to reform his crew’s mindsets and approach of doing issues as a result of that’s the place the issues afflicting this nation are originating from. The reforms he’s telling us about ought to begin from the highest.

We’re, nevertheless, afraid to say that many in Mnangagwa’s administration won’t ever perceive what their chief is saying when he’s speaking about reforming the best way we do issues and assume.

The truth is, all this nation wanted to do was to repeat, paste and enhance on what we inherited from our former colonisers.

The late chief of then Rhodesia, Ian Smith, by no means mourned about sanctions like what Mnangagwa and firm hold doing.

Requested in regards to the United Sanctions slapped on Rhodesia after unilaterally declaring independence from Britain that is what Smith mentioned: “Sanctions have had helpful results in addition to detrimental results. There isn’t any doubt that the essential economic system of Rhodesia has broadened tremendously due to sanctions. There was an industrial revolution in Rhodesia. We are actually producing and manufacturing items, which I’m informed by our industrialists that we couldn’t have been (producing) for one more 10 years, had it not been for sanctions. When persons are challenged you get a better effort out of them.”

Certainly, whereas it’s true that when one is put in a decent nook they carry out wonders, the other is true for Zimbabwe as a result of now we have many who’re in management positions who’re doing us a whole lot of disservice.

Author: Takudzwa Abioye

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